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Able Company Immortals Paintball Team, Portland Oregon

The Team

Able Company Immortals is a tactical paintball team comprised of members aged 19 to 46. We all come from pretty diverse backgrounds and professions but we all have one thing in common: The love of competitive scenario and tactical paintball and the desire to take our sport to the highest level.

Able Company Immortals was founded in April 2008 by Michael "Reaper" Cleveland, Josh "Refinator" Harwood, Gil "Llama" Herrera, Robert "Archer" Mahler, and Ed "Casper" Boyle. Able Company Immortals initially branched off from Triad Assault Group when the team decided to become a more recreational team and not pursue the competitive side of the sport. The original five Immortals had a more competitive nature and decided to form our own team to better suit our aspirations.

Hard work, cooperation, and a real dedication to the sport we love, combined with some local excitement, helped Able Company Immortals quickly and easily establish ourselves in the Pacific Northwest. Also helping with some of the quick start up success of Able Company Immortals were some early commitments from great friends and sponsors to whom we are very grateful. Able Company Immortals is very excited and enthusiastic about our first season as a team together. We look forward to traveling to some of the finest scenario and big game events our country has to offer.

Our main goal for this season will be to maintain our high energy, travel the country together, play hard core paintball, and have fun while helping others have fun at the same time. If we're as fortunate as we all have been in our past, maybe we'll even win some nice awards along the way. See you on the field.