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Able Company Immortals Paintball Team, Portland Oregon



Animal Paintball to the Rescue

Are you having troubles getting your custom team jerseys made?  Suppliers not replying or answering their phones?  Well, we were having that problem, and so did several of Reaper's design customers.  Well, that problem is gone now after the Help of Mondo and the good folks down at Animal Paintball.  Not only did Mondo reach out to our team to offer help, he also listened to concerns, and addressed them professionally and politely the way a real business person should.  He made himself available through email, phone, and the web, and answered all of my questions and worked with me to resolve any concerns.  I can honestly say now, that because of his professionalism, and personability, Animal Paintball will get all Able Company Immortals work in the furture, and I would highly recommend any of my design clients, or anybody else looking for jerseys to contact Mondo and see how he can help your team.

Animal Paintball
Mondo & Rosey
5460 Springfield. Suite #106
Laredo, TX 78041

Orders: Toll Free# 1.866.729.0364
Phone: 1.956.753.8272
Fax: 1.956.729.7743